recently purchased zxr400 starting problems

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recently purchased zxr400 starting problems

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I bought a Zxr 400 1989 today, it hadn't been on a proper ride for 4 weeks and when I got to the house it had just been jump started to get to going again. Managed to drive her to a petrol station 15 minutes away and then fired her back up first time. Got her home after about an hours ride turned off for 10 minutes and now struggles to start. I think it may need a new battery due to the power dying after 4/5 attempts to turn over. Also When trying to rev the bike the revs go to about 3000 then stay there for a few seconds then drop back to idle. I will be cleaning and re balancing carbs to see if that helps but if anyone else has had these problems and no how to fix would be appreciated
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Re: recently purchased zxr400 starting problems

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hi and welcome, have you got a multimeter? might be worth investing in one then you can check your battery see if it needs changing.
regards the lingering revs check for an air leak around the carb rubbers, usual culprit and been covered many times on here.
Don't forget people there is more to the zxr400 than this forum... check out also.
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