ZXR400 L 1994 basket case revival

Here's a chance to show off your zxr400, so get them digital cameras out and show us some piccies.Rebuilding your bike or modding it then let everyone in on it.

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ZXR400 L 1994 basket case revival

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Well we all love a revival of a basket case. I saw this bike advertised and it was local so it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

Basically it has no plastics, footpegs missing, oil cooler corroded beyond repair, and in overall poor condition. What's not to love about that! So long as the price is right then its worth a punt. I rocked up to view and it had no keys, wont start/turn over as no power, flat tyres, binding brakes, spiders have set up camp - the big black type, leaves everywhere, evidence of potential mouse investigation. So made an offer, and loaded into the van!

Loads missing, loads needs investigating.

First day at home with a bit of free time, chucked it on the paddock stand, removed spark plugs, carbs and exhaust and checked all looked ok. Yep.

Then chucked it in 6th gear and tried turning the engine over. Yep

Then decided full strip down required. Frame has marks and general wear and tear, so will repaint. Swingarm was last cleaned back in the late 1990's and has about 1/ inch of old chain lube and muck on the inside. The chain guard bracket has somehow been snapped off?! So will either clean, sand and repaint or possibly polish, if i can muster the polishing enthusiasm.

Loom has had many bodges, hacks, 'repairs' (if you can call use of electrical scotch blocks a repair?). This includes the sub looms and the switch gear - how to people make such a mess of simple stuff like this? Why do they think they can 'better' the big manufactures looms?! :ffs

So basically a mess.

So work must begin. Don't expect anything fast here, as kids, house, other stuff all vies for my attention. But i do love a ZXR400. Proper knee down tool. Photos to follow...
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Re: ZXR400 L 1994 basket case revival

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