Meet Sparrow

Here's a chance to show off your zxr400, so get them digital cameras out and show us some piccies.Rebuilding your bike or modding it then let everyone in on it.

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Meet Sparrow

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I'm finally (for now) done with my build. Took me over 1 year to get all the parts, and combine them into a masterpiece.

like the saying "Build in japan, perfected in my garage..."

Meet Sparrow!
High def photo - >!ApZu6yec-hJr8gQ2gU ( this was after my first ride ) This is how she looks now from the front ->!ApZu6yec-hJr8gWUs3l ... l?e=hRZ33N

I've named her Sparrow because when I started with the transformation, a small sparrow scared me while hiding in the frame.

These are the parts installed:

- front forks, hyperpro
- Nitron Rear shock
- Hyperpro steering damper

- Stock pistons
- sp cams
- Stage 7 Dynojetkit ( std carbs)
- K&N airfilter
- Black widow full exhaust
- Yoshimura muffler
- Race coils

- the paint is just simple rattle can, I chose this because I love racing. Id rather spend my money on performance then paint.
- Monoseat zxr400R, with special back coussion.
- Carbonfiber rear mudguard

- Brandnew oilcooler with custom AN plumming.
- Brandnew radiator with new coolant hoses

- Rebuild pistons
- Steel braided lines
- Race liquid ( higher boiling point )
- Brembo brakepads
- Rearbrake from GSXR 1000 K1

- Strada 7 levers and pre load adjusters
- Jolify carbonfiber parts
- EBC race clutch pack
- Custom tune 70 hp at peak power ( On high octane fuel )
- Diablo rosso 2 rubber
- Double bubble windscreen
- Lean angle sensor
- LED blinkers ( Xenon is on its way for the main headlight )
- UK headlight

That may be all of it.....i honestly don't know if I got it all haha
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Re: Meet Sparrow

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Woah, you surely have a massive plan for your ride.
Would you mind attaching a photo of it?
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Re: Meet Sparrow

Post by RebuilderGuy »

Files are to large HMMMMMFFF!
Any tips on how i get the picca's in here?
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Re: Meet Sparrow

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Upload to Flickr, then link to those
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