Carb problem

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Carb problem

Post by RebuilderGuy » Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:39 pm

hi there.....again....

My bike is fitted with a dyno-jet stage 7 kit. If i hammer it to full throttle im sonic fast........but when i brake to lower speeds and pull in the clutch she dies on me....... She almost needs 6k revs to get going and then she flys!

The low and idle suck! bike stalling alot and draining the battery. Also what is the perfect idle speed for a zxr 400? and is it correct that there is no idle rpm screw? well...i have this cable thingy, wich controls the rpm but its not stable.

the dyno jet kit is installed with new needles (thinner ones) and a 100 sized main jet.... the kit also needed to drillout the vacuumslide hole a little.

COMPACT: How do i get my zxr 400 to get steady idle and how do i keep it from dying in the low end...

Thanks in advance!

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