Need needle jets for 1990 H2 zxr400 - part numbers?

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Need needle jets for 1990 H2 zxr400 - part numbers?

Post by fstarocka » Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:47 pm

Hi all - so my bike has been running pig rish since i got her in Feb.. ive ruled out every possibility so pressed out my emulsion tubes today, one needle retainer broke or the end, but ill try straighten it out and solder a cap back on.

I dont have nay numbers on mine, in fact it came out in 2 pices, the top bit which has been worn a bit, and the lower needle tube (just a tube closed on the end that sits inside float) ..

Does anyone have any idea what part numbers i need? I seem to think the tubes have the same ID and the needles get changed? My needles look fine and have 177 stamp[ed on them..

any help wd be greatly appreciated! havent had this thing running properly at all despite new rings and a bunch of fixes - :smt010

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